HCS Job Description:   Librarian


General responsibilities

The Librarian is required to ensure all vocal and orchestral scores are available to the Choir and instrumentalists at the appropriate time.

The Librarian is elected at the Society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). He or she is an honorary officer of the Society and a member of the Committee of the Society, in which the management of all aspects of choir business, including all arrangements for rehearsals and concerts and the control of finance, is vested. The post is normally held for three years, after which re-election is required. The Librarian is a Trustee of the Society (see attached Trustee Guide).

The Librarian is a de facto member of the Music sub-committee.

The Librarian is not empowered to enter into any commitment or incur any expenditure on behalf of the Choir, except as expressly authorised by the Committee or by the Chair acting on behalf of the Committee.

Specific responsibilities 

The Librarian:

  • contacts the Performing Arts Service of Hertfordshire Libraries, other hire libraries and publishers to ascertain availability of scores and orchestral sets;
  • hires vocal scores as agreed by the Musical Director and the Committee;
  • gives copies to Members and, through the Concert Manager, to soloists when required, keeping records of copies issued;
  • hires orchestral sets as requested by the Musical Director and agreed by the Committee and gives them to the Concert Manager for onward distribution;
  • collects copies from Members after concerts and returns them to the respective libraries;
  • contacts Members who fail to return copies (a charge is made for missing copies which the Member is required to pay);
  • returns orchestral sets to respective libraries;
  • passes invoices and receipts to the Treasurer for payment;
  • attends Music sub-committee meetings as required;
  • undertakes such other tasks and duties as may be delegated by the Chair.

May 2014