HCS Job Description: Concert Manager

General responsibilities
The Concert Manager is required to conclude all the arrangements with the Musical Director, Orchestra (and/or accompanists) and soloists for the performance of concerts, including provision of appropriate hospitality.
The Concert Manager is elected at the Society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). He or she is an honorary officer of the Society and a member of the Committee of the Society, in which the management of all aspects of choir business, including all arrangements for rehearsals and concerts and the control of finance, is vested. The post is normally held for three years, after which re-election is required. The Concert Manager is a Trustee of the Society (see attached Trustee Guide).
The Concert Manager is a de facto member of the Music sub-committee.

The Concert Manager is not empowered to enter into any commitment or incur any expenditure on behalf of the Choir, except as expressly authorised by the Committee or by the Chair acting on behalf of the Committee.

Specific responsibilities

The Concert Manager:
• agrees the soloists and instrumentalists to be engaged for each concert with the Musical Director, with the consent of the Chair as appropriate;
• contacts and engages soloists and accompanists, negotiating fees within the concert budget agreed by the Committee and issuing letters of contract confirming arrangements;
• once confirmed, passes details of the of soloists, orchestra and instrumentalists to the Publicity Manager and the Website Administrator;
• contacts the orchestra fixer and authorises him/her to engage instrumentalists in accordance with the concert budget, musical scores and physical restraints of the performance venue, and confirms all such arrangements in writing;
• arranges instrument hire when necessary, confirming delivery and insurance details in writing and passing on instrument specifications to the performer;
• liaises with concert venue staff to arrange delivery and set up of hired instruments and practice time for the performer;
• arranges delivery of scores to performers;
• advises soloists and orchestra fixer of times of rehearsals and performance, dress and any special requirements of the Musical Director;
• distributes complimentary tickets to soloists ;
• liaises with the venue to make arrangements as necessary for parking places for large instruments;
• makes hospitality arrangements as appropriate for refreshments and changing for performers and MD;
• obtains brief (not more than 100 words) biographical details and photograph from each of the artists engaged and passes this information to the Publicity Manager and the Website Administrator;
• confirms fees to Treasurer and advises him/her if cash payment is required;
• provides information to the Stage Manager about numbers of instrumentalists and soloists, as well as particular instrument requirements;
• greets soloists and introduces them to MD and Chair at rehearsals;
• attends Music sub-committee meetings as required;
• monitors and advises the Committee on levels of fees appropriate for soloists/accompanists, seeking Committee agreement to raise these fees when necessary, either as a one-off because of the specialist requirement of a concert, or when an across-the-board cost-of-living increase is due;
• undertakes such other tasks and duties as may be delegated by the Chair.

July 2014