HCS Job Description:   Membership Secretary

General responsibilities

The Membership Secretary is required to deal with all matters relating directly to members of the choir.

The Membership Secretary is elected at the Society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). He or she is an honorary officer of the Society and a member of the Committee of the Society, in which the management of all aspects of choir business, including all arrangements for rehearsals and concerts and the control of finance, is vested. The post is normally held for three years, after which re-election is required. The Membership Secretary is a Trustee of the Society (see attached Trustee Guide).

The Membership Secretary is not empowered to enter into any commitment or incur any expenditure on behalf of the Society, except as expressly authorised by the Committee or by the Chair acting on behalf of the Committee.


Specific responsibilities

The Membership Secretary:

  • maintains the file of Membership Application forms;
  • maintains the Register of members;
  • prepares an up-to-date list of members at the start of each season with addresses, telephone nos. and email addresses, and distributes copies to Committee members;
  • passes on the names and telephone numbers of the Section Leaders to the Website Administrator (for inclusion in the Members’ area of the website);
  • liaises with the Website Administrator regarding any information for potential new members in the public area of the website and regarding any guidance/rules for members in the Members’ area of the website;
  • provides each Section Leader each term with a register of members in his/her section and ensures that attendance records are filled in each week, and collects these at the end of each term;
  • ensures that absences are followed up either personally or by the Section Leader;
  • responds to email and telephone enquiries about membership;
  • makes up Welcome Packs to hand out to potential new members;
  • greets potential new members at rehearsals and introduces them to any other members of the Committee and Musical Director as appropriate;
  • liaises with Section Leaders to ensure that potential new members are made to feel welcome and have somewhere to sit;
  • obtains relevant information from potential new members and follows up where necessary;
  • introduces new members to the Musical Director and arranges voice tests;
  • gives each new member a Welcome Pack and ensures that the application form is completed and returned once they have passed the voice test;
  • updates the Register of members with details of new members and advises Committee members and Section Leaders;
  • provides each new member with a music folder for a £10 returnable deposit and introduces them to the Treasurer;
  • orders and maintains stock of music folders;
  • maintains stock of application forms, membership questionnaires, voice test and subscription information and congratulation notes;
  • liaises with the Publicity Manager about publicity for the Open Rehearsal;
  • asks Section Leaders for numbers singing in each concert and gives total to Stage Manager 2 or 3 weeks before concert;
  • undertakes such other tasks and duties as may be delegated by the Chair.

May 2014