Marketing Manager – Job Description

Marketing Manager
(Position currently unfilled)

General responsibilities: The Marketing Manager is elected at the Choir’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). He or she is a member of the Committee of the Choir in whom the management of all aspects of Choir business, including all arrangements for rehearsals and concerts and the control of finance is vested. The Marketing Manager has the overall aim of increasing audience levels and promoting a better awareness of the choir among the community. The post is normally held for three years after which, re-election is required. The Publicity Manager is a Trustee of the Society as required by the Charities Act 2006.

The Publicity Manager is not empowered to enter into any commitment or incur any expenditure on behalf of the Choir, except as expressly authorised by the Committee or by the Chairman acting on behalf of the Committee.

Specific responsibilities: The Marketing Manager

  • identifies opportunities for the promotion of the choir in the local
  • community;
  • leads on identifying and contacts potential “partners”
  • (eg schools) to encourage choir membership;
  • identifies and contacts potential sponsors;
  • ensures that appropriate press notices are sent out ahead of
  • concerts and other events;
  • works with other Committee members to assist in the development and
  • financial security of the Society.