HCS Job Description:   Publicity Manager

General responsibilities

 The Publicity Manager is responsible for the promotion of HCS Concerts and activities through a variety of media outlets.

He/she receives direction from and reports to the Committee through the Chair, and receives the information needed for publicity materials from the Concert Manager.

The Publicity Manager is not empowered to enter any commitment or expenditure on behalf of the choir except as expressly authorised by the Committee or by the Chair acting on behalf of the Committee.

Specific responsibilities

 The Publicity Manager, either in person or by delegation:

  • arranges the preparation of suitable artwork, obtaining the views of the Committee as appropriate;
  • prepares poster copies (including details of concert, HCS logo, charity number, Making Music logo and society website) for printers six weeks before concerts to be ready for distribution one month beforehand;
  • sends an electronic copy of the poster to the Website Manager as soon as it is finalised;
  • maintains list of display sites       (libraries, shops, churches, etc.) and encourages members to distribute A4 and A5 posters;
  • prepares press releases for each concert and activity and arranges for them to be included in local papers, Harpenden Forum (quarterly so details are required to be sent well in advance);
  • maintains internet listings of all concerts on Concert Diary, HCC website events listings, Where Can We Go? Best of Harpenden, Harpenden Info and any other local online events listings sites as needed;
  • makes press releases and photos available to any choir member who can contribute to the publicity effort by publishing these in any work-related in-house publication or website;
  • maintains e-mail communication with secretaries of other local choirs and music groups, forwarding press releases and posters in advance of our concerts;
  • encourages radio publicity for upcoming concerts via pre-concert requests from Classic FM and Radio3 giving programme and venue details when possible;
  • passes all publicity material to the Website Manager as soon as it is finalised;
  • ensures that the sandwich board is put outside the concert venue


October 2016