HCS Job Description: Stage Manager

General Responsibilities

The Stage Manager is responsible, in consultation with the Concert Manger, for ensuring that all arrangements are in place to enable a concert or event to proceed at its venue.

Specific Responsibilities

The Stage Manager:

  • arranges a seating plan for the choir, including access and staging where appropriate;
  • arranges a seating plan for the orchestra/instrumentalists and soloists, in consultation with the conductor;
  • liaises with the venue caretaker and ensures that all relevant keys are available (including organ/piano where appropriate);
  • liaises with the Tour Manager as appropriate in connection with arrangements for day trips or longer tours;
  • organises volunteers to set up staging and seating before the concert and to put the venue back as it was after the concert;
  • ensures that walkways and means of escape are not obstructed;
  • familiarises himself/herself with emergency procedures and arrangements for lighting and power supply.

July 2014