Summer Social – Tuesday 21 June

Dear all,
Here are the details of this year’s Choir Social which will take place on Tuesday June 21st at The Skewbridge, Southdown Road, Harpenden. The evening will start at the earlier time of 7.30pm to give people time to buy a drink and mingle before food is served at about 8.00pm. As usual, we will have a room and bar to ourselves, but if the evening is warm we can spill out into the garden.
People generally seemed to enjoy the food more last year than the standard buffets we had ordered in previous years. So I have stuck with the same format, but a few different choices. I hope you can all find something you like on the menu. Basically you will have a choice of two skewers ( they don’t have to be two the same). These will be served with salad and rustic chips/ sweet potato fries. There is also a choice of 3 desserts – last year the desserts were delicious!
The food will be pre-ordered but will not be served out on plates – you will have to help yourselves.This means that there are no set places and you can swap around between the main course and dessert and then continue to mingle after the food. The price of both courses is £13 per person, but if you would just like a main course that will be £10.00.  In order to minimise waste and to make sure that you get what you would like you will need to fill in the attached form and return it to me ASAP with your money.  There will be an opportunity to purchase tea or coffee after the meal as well.
Of course, if you would like to come along and have just a drink, that is fine, but it would be helpful to know how many people are likely to turn up.
I have detailed below the steps that need to be taken so that there is no confusion!!!
  1. Follow >>THIS LINK to download the menu and booking form – the menu is on one page and the booking form is on the next page
  2. Choose your options i.e. 2 skewers and 1 dessert
  3. Either:
    a) Fill in the booking form on the computer then print it off
    b) Print off the booking form and fill in by hand
  4. Hand the form and money to me at choir by Tuesday June 14th at the very latest (preferably earlier). Please try to bring the correct amount of cash or make out a cheque to Harpenden Choral Society.
  5. Make a note of what you have ordered and bring it with you on the night. It is important that you take what you have ordered, otherwise others will be left with food they don’t want.

I hope this is all clear. If you have any questions, do come and talk to me at choir on Tuesday. I am hoping that by letting you see the menu beforehand and choose your options there will be no disappointments. The main thing is that we all have an enjoyable evening and SOCIALISE!

Best wishes,
>>DOWNLOAD THE MENU AND BOOKING FORM (Orders to Marion please)
>>LINK TO SKEW BRIDGE WEBSITE (For location info, reviews etc)