HCS Job Description:   Treasurer

General responsibilities

The Treasurer is required to safeguard the financial assets of the Society through appropriate banking and accounting procedures and effective management of reserves.

The Treasurer is elected at the Society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). He or she is an honorary officer of the Society and a member of the Committee of the Society, in which the management of all aspects of choir business, including all arrangements for rehearsals and concerts and the control of finance, is vested. The post is normally held for three years, after which re-election is required. The Treasurer is a Trustee of the Society (see attached Trustee Guide).

The Treasurer is not empowered to enter into any commitment or incur any expenditure on behalf of the Society, except as expressly authorised by the Committee or by the Chair acting on behalf of the Committee.

Specific responsibilities

The Treasurer:

  • keeps proper records of income and expenditure and retains all financial records for a period of at least six years;
  • signs cheques and sets up online payments as required (any two signatures/authorisations of Chair, Secretary or Treasurer);
  • pays monies received into the Society’s current account and maintains other accounts as appropriate (e.g. savings account, library account);
  • pays invoices, expenses, professional fees and all other monies due as required;
  • prepares an annual budget and monitors cash flow;
  • reports to the Committee the out-turn of each concert and liaises with the auditor/independent examiner regarding the annual examination of the accounts;
  • prepares and presents the Treasurer’s report to the AGM, together with the accounts;
  • prepares the Annual Report and submits it to the Charity Commission as part of the annual return;
  • receives subscriptions from members (gift aided wherever appropriate) and donations from Patrons and Friends;
  • liaises with the Website Manager regarding the wording of the Subscriptions section of the Members’ Area of the website;
  • passes to the Website Manager at least annual updates of the amount raised through Easyfundraising;
  • passes to the Website Manager details of the charity collection from the Christmas concert;
  • prepares requests for an annual grant for the Chair to submit to the Society’s sponsors;
  • completes the annual return to Making Music and makes payment as necessary for Performing Rights, insurance and membership of the National Federation of Music Societies (NFMS);
  • prepares and submits an annual claim to HM Revenue and Customs for refund of tax paid on gift aided/covenanted subscriptions;
  • undertakes such other tasks and duties as may be delegated by the Chair.

Note: Charity law requires that:

  • An Annual Report is prepared and submitted to the Charity Commission.
  • The Trustees formally approve the Annual Report and accounts.



October 2016